Blue Holidays Quilt-Along Day 3

Blue Holidays Quilt-Along Day 3

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...
Sew a wintry lap quilt in gorgeous blue and silver holiday prints!

We'll be spending the next two weeks sharing the Blue Holidays Quilt-Along with you! This cozy lap quilt features our wintry Blue Holidays collection--perfect to use all winter long! 

Follow along as we reveal the quilt row by row and make it yourself to snuggle under all winter long. The finished quilt measures 60" x 68" and features five different pieced blocks. 

Today we're sharing the tutorial for Star Block #2. You'll need four to make a complete row. We used a directional print in the block, so orient your pieces carefully! 


Star Block #2

Blue Holidays Star Block #2


You’ll Need:

(to make 4 blocks)

¼ yard White Filigree print

3/8 yard Gray Ornament print

5/8 yard Blue Stripe print




From the White Filigree:

(1) 5-1/4” x WOF strip; subcut into (4) 5-1/4” squares and (4) 4-1/2” squares


From the Gray Ornament:

(1) 5” x WOF strip; subcut into (8) 5” squares


From the Blue Stripe:

(1) 5-1/4” x WOF strip; subcut into (4) 5-1/4” squares

(2) 4-1/2” x WOF strips; subcut into (8) 4-1/2” squares

 Blue Holidays Star Block #2

Make the Blocks:

Step 1 Cut (1) 5-1/4” White Filigree square and (1) 5-1/4” Blue Stripe square diagonally in half twice to make quarter-square triangles (QST).Blue Holidays Star Block #2 

Step 2 Referring to the photo for placement, sew the short edge of (1) White Filigree QST to the short edge of (1) Blue Stripe QST. Make (4). Note that the Blue Stripe is directional, so you’ll have two sets of pieced triangles—one set with the stripes running horizontally, and one set with stripes running vertically.
Blue Holidays Star Block #2
Blue Holidays Star Block #2


Step 3 Cut (2) 5” Gray Ornament square diagonally in half once to make half-square triangles (HST). Sew each blue/white pieced triangle to a Gray Ornament HST along the long edge. Trim to measure 4-1/2” square.
Blue Holidays Star Block #2


Step 4 Lay out (4) pieced units from Step 3, (4) 4-1/2” Blue Stripe squares, and (1) 4-1/2” White Filigree square into (3) rows of (3) squares each. Note orientation of squares and pieced units so that the stripes all run in the same direction within the block.
Blue Holidays Star Block #2

Step 5 Sew squares/units into rows.
Blue Holidays Star Block #2 

Step 6 Sew the rows together to complete the 12-1/2” square Star Block #2. 

Step 7 Repeat Steps 1-6 to make a total of (4) blocks.Blue Holidays Star Block #2

See the entire Blue Holidays fabric collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop. 

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