Introducing the 2019 Trend Palette

Introducing the 2019 Trend Palette

168 Painter's Palette Solids...that creates a good problem to have. How do you choose which ones to add to your sewing studio? 

We can help with that. We're curating smaller palettes of fabrics that work beautifully together to help make your decision easier. (Unless you want to have some of all 168 colors...we're okay with that too!)

Now we'd like to introduce the 2019 Trend Palette.2019 Trend Palette

Our Paintbrush Studio editors collaborated, gathering materials from leaders in the textile, crafting, fashion and interior design worlds, to compile a list of 16 show-stopping colors. You'll see these hues pop up in 2019 in home dec projects, fashion, and in various projects right here on the Inspired by Fabric blog. 


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See the 2019 Trend Palette here.


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