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Mad for Solids: Game 2

Mad for Solids: Game 2

It's Day 2 of our Mad for Solids event! 
Cast your vote for your favorite curated colors between @wholecirclestudio and @twiggyandopal selections!
Comment below with your favorite, and on Facebook and Instagram as well (one vote per platform please!)

Mad for Solids day 2 bundle

Whichever color scheme receives the most votes will advance to the next round! At the end of the 7-day event, we will crown the winning color palette and four random voters will receive a fat quarter stack of the winning colors! 

Game 2:
Big Island Sunset
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

My curated color palette came from 8 of the 20 Paintbrush Studio solids that I used in my latest quilt pattern, Big Island Sunset. Inspiration for the quilt pattern came from one of my most favorite places in the world—the Big Island of Hawaii. The quilt, comprised of variations on the traditional Drunkard’s Path, is a modern interpretation of the spectacular sunsets on the west coast of Hawaii.

Colors: (top row from left) 121-139 Daisy, 121-054 Tangerine, 121-146 Dare Devil, 121-118 Verbena, (bottom row from left) 121-119 Blush, 121-079 Raspberry, 121-028 Fuchsia, 121-080 Amethyst

Sultry Interlude
Jayne Willis

I tend to pick bundles based on places I love and this one is no exception!  A beach sunset is mesmerizing to watch and you can’t help but stand watching until the last sliver of the sun has dipped into the horizon. That would be my Sultry Interlude! The colors I selected remind me of those moments where subtle yellows, oranges and reds melt together until they eventually fade away…until tomorrow!

Colors: (top row from left) 121-108 Clementine, 121-118 Verbena, 121-146 Dare Devil, 121-123 Amber (bottom row from left) 121-003 Pencil Yellow, 121-083 Banana, 121-119 Blush, 121-147 Hot Pink

Voting on this game has now ended. Thank you for playing!