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COVID-19 Response: Make A Mask!

COVID-19 Response: Make A Mask!

One of the most pressing issues we face as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to affect the global population is a shortage of protective equipment for medical professionals, emergency responders, and volunteers who serve our communities by delivering food and supplies to people in need. In addition, the CDC is now recommending that all people wear masks to slow the spread of the virus. While medical-grade equipment is the most reliable wearable protection, it is in short supply, and so organizations are requesting homemade masks to protect their staff and volunteers.

Masks made with a tightly woven cotton (like quilting cotton!) have been shown to provide 60% filtration of airborne particles, and also aid to further prevent the spread of disease when worn by people infected with the virus. For maximum protection, it’s recommended to pair them with a face shield, but if one is not available, wearing a mask will still help reduce the risk of further infections.

Because of this, we’ve decided to reach out to you, our amazing makers, sewists, and quilters, to ask for your help in sewing and donating masks to your local organizations and communities. As a bonus, every mask you sew and donate will count as an entry into a giveaway to win FREE FABRIC! We'll give away a fat quarter bundle to one winner who submits using the steps below. Here’s what we need you to do:

• Sew a mask! Use the pattern provided below, or whichever pattern your local organizations recommend.

• Take a picture of the masks you’ve sewn and share it on social media! Upload to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #pbsmakeamask and tag @pbsfabrics. We’re also accepting email submissions via

• Donate your masks to local organizations, or to groups collecting masks to distribute throughout the community. See below for more information!


Be sure to enter by Thursday April 30th!


This COVID-19 mask pattern is free! It's also beginner-friendly, can be sewn with a fat quarter or two fat-eighths, and can be finished with or without elastic. Follow these steps, and download the full pattern below!


Each community’s needs are different, so to maximize the effectiveness of your donations, we recommend researching how best to help in your area using social media and web searches such as “face mask donation (your city)”

Here are some additional links to organizations requesting face masks:


• The most effective form of protection against coronavirus is still to avoid coming into contact with it, by practicing self-isolation and quarantine procedures. However, if you cannot avoid coming into contact with others and medical-grade equipment is not available to you, a homemade mask has been proven to offer limited protection against the spread of the disease.

• Masks should be sewn with two different colors or prints on the inside vs the outside, so the person wearing it can easily tell which is which and minimize the risk of infection.

• Remove masks by reaching behind the head to untie. Do not touch the front portion of the mask when removing, as this can spread infection to your hands.

• Masks should be machine-washed if possible, and washed twice daily to maximize filtration and protection.

From all of us on the Paintbrush Studio team, we hope you are safe and well.