Quilts and More Cover Girl

Quilts and More Cover Girl

Jayne Willis (@twiggyandopal) created the Prosecco & Cream by the Sea bundle for our Mad for Solids event last March. Now her bundle is back in the Scrap Lab Design Challenge feature of Quilts and More magazine. As the palette's creator, Jayne was asked to create a project, along with fellow designers Jeni Baker (@jenib320) and Sherri McConnell (@aquiltinglife). Take a peek at the projects below and then scroll down to hear what Jayne has to say about her experience.

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Tell us about your Prosecco & Cream by the Sea bundle of Painter’s Palette Solids.

My daughter and I went on vacation to Lauderdale by the Sea. The town was full of pinks and yellows, and golds—and ice cream shops! It was warm and beautiful, even though it was November. She insisted we get a bottle of Prosecco, which is gold in color. Every day we’d eat gelato or ice cream, or something, and I picked these colors to represent what a special trip we’d had. It’s always hard picking a bundle, and it seems to help to have some type of visual inspiration.

Prosecco & Cream by the Sea


How did you come up with the wall hanging design for Scrap Lab?

I wanted to make something that was impactful and bold, and showed off all the colors. I thought a log cabin design would be fun, and I designed the quilt using EQ 8, so it was easy to try out colors and switch up the blocks. I really enjoyed playing around with the color placement. What you may not notice right away are the offset sashing strips, because they blend in with the blocks.


One of those blocks is not like the other…

No, it’s not! I was working with fat quarters, so I didn’t have fabric to make all four the same. I mixed up the colors for one of the blocks, and then it was a fun switch-up to have it go the other way.

Lower left block: Only FQs—didn’t have enough fabric to do the same for all four. So I mixed up the colors. It just seemed like the logical way to go with it. It was kind of a funky little fun switch up to have it go the other way.


Scrap Lab Desigh Challenge

Tell us about the quilting.

I went really simple. I stitched straight lines and in the ditch for the three blocks, varying the width of the straight lines. I wanted the last block to stand out, and look completely different, so I went with ½” diagonal lines all the way across it. I quilt on my domestic machine and it’s fun to play with straight line stitching.


What do you like best about the quilt?

Definitely the colors. I loved the combination when I chose them for Mad for Solids, and I was happy to get to use them. The quilt is graphic and simple and the colors pop.


What was it like being part of the Scrap Lab Design Challenge?

It was exciting to get to use the bundle of colors I chose, and make this quilt. And then I found out I was on the cover, and that the quilt was going to Quilt Market—it was like a perfect storm that all came together.


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