Rural Life - 12 pc Flat Fat Stack - 120FQRURAL

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Shipping March 2022

Imagine you live in a city, but deep inside, you always felt that your soul belonged to the countryside...

That's why Mama Fabrics wanted to bring its peace and charm to her first collection with PBS, Rural Life. As a mom, she knew how sensitive and soft a place created for little ones should be once they’re welcomed into the world. Rural Life combines all these values. Delicate pastels and baby animal designs bring relief and comfort to mind, maternity and circle of life. Now it's time for cuddles, sweet dreams and safe growing.

This Flat Fat Stack contains 12 pieces of 18x21" fabric from Rural Life by Mama Fabrics. SKUs included are:



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About the Flat Fat Stack

We're so excited to introduce you to the Flat Fat Stack, a revolutionary approach to the typical fat quarter bundle. All of the prints in the bundle you ordered are provided on a single sheet of fabric. By changing the way we process our pre-cuts, we're committing to more sustainable production practices, and offering makers unique opportunities to experiment and expand their creative practice.

When you order fat quarters from us, you will receive the new Flat Fat Stack!


Shipping: March 2022

Item #: 120FQRURAL

Contents: 100% Cotton

Fabric Weight: Lightweight

Number of Pieces: 12

Cut Size: 18" x 21"

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, delicate, tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

Designer: Mama Fabrics

Brand: PBS Fabrics 

About the Artist

Ania Zwara is a mixed media artist (focused on watercolor, gouache and ink), print & surface pattern designer and multi-faced creative entrepreneur. She is a visionary, intuitive, passionate and full of ideas polish mom o 3 who combines vivid imagination with a desire for practical solutions. She believes that mothers have the most creative souls in every possible area. A born-and-raised North Poland girl, in closeness to the open sea, forests and meadows which give her a lot of inspirations. She lives in a city but deep inside she always felt that her soul belongs to the countryside. That's why she wanted to bring it's peace and charm to her everyday life. She also wanted to show by her example that being a creative entrepreneur and a full-time mom is still possible despite the stereotypes. Her creative purpose is to create art that brings happiness and home cosiness to lifes all around the world. Her work fills up people's homes with warmth, inspiration and floral designs. She knows how to grow florals that will never fade!

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