Le Mini-Golf 

by Lisa Flower

Want to play Le MINI GOLF, oui?! Grab your PUTTER, GOLF BALLS, SCORE-CARDS & PENCILS and let's play in PARIS! See the SIGN? It's just like being there, we'll see all the MONUMENTS (although they're made out of WOOD). Aim for the FLAG and go for a HOLE IN ONE! Babies everywhere! Quick make an activity quilt! Not enough time?! Never fear, the cheater PANEL print is here! Just back, sandwich, quilt and bind! Done! Now there's extra time to sew up quick and easy golf balls, a putter, a score-card and even a flag!... AND if you're really keen, use a second panel to cut out and stuff each monument. This baby is going to be so worldly!

Additional Prints Available in Quilting Cotton


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