Do you sell to individuals or only wholesale?

We only sell wholesale. Likewise, if you are a business and wishing to purchase wholesale, we must have a copy of your tax identification certificate on file before we can take an order . If you are not a business but rather an individual interested in buying our products, please check our retail store locator on this website. If the store in your area does not carry the items you are looking for, ask them to order it from us and we will do the best we can to accommodate their request.

What is your minimum order?

Fabri-Quilt's minimum order for domestic customers is three bolts of fabric or an invoice total of $250. For international customers, please inquire about minimums through the contact page of our website. Most bolts are 15 yards in length. Any order less than this amount will be subject to an additional handling fee, or refused all together. Also, please keep in mind, any order less than $350 must be paid by Visa, Master Card or American Express.

How do I order from your company?

If you would like to place an order with Fabri-Quilt, please contact us either through the website contact page, or if you would like to speak with someone in person, call us at 800-279-0622. If you know what items you would like to order, you can fax your order to 816-471-2853, or call at 800-279-0622. Do not use the website contact page to place your order. Please keep in mind, for first time orders, we must have a copy of your tax identification certificate on file.

How do I request a catalogue?

Due to the total number of products we carry, and their ever changing nature, we do not print a catalogue for fabric. We consider this website to be our catalogue, and it will be updated as new products come in and old products deleted. If you are wishing to receive swatches, please keep in mind we charge $2 for each group of swatches requested. If you are a store or a business wishing to see our complete line on cloth, please look up the sales rep in your area in the "Where to Buy" section of this website.

Do you have all of your products on your website?

No, we do not have all of our products on the website. Due to the total quantity of product available in our line, it is impossible to have every product on the website. However, there is little that is left out.

Where are the prices on your website?

This website is not designed for retail transactions. It is designed to provide information for our existing and potential wholesale customers. Once we receive a copy of your tax identification number, we can e-mail you a price list.

Can I shop online?

No. This website is not an e-commerce site. However, if you are interested in purchasing fabrics viewed on this website, or need more information about a product, please feel free to contact us through the contact page or by phone at 800-279-0622. Please remember, you cannot purchase directly from Fabri-Quilt unless you are a business and can meet our minimum order criteria.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. It is possible to request credit, but only if your order is greater than $350. Any order less than this amount MUST be paid by Credit Card!

How do you ship your products?

All small orders are shipped via UPS. Larger orders over 300 pounds most likely will be shipped by truck line. We have an experienced staff who can find the best trucking rates for you in the country.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we ship all over the world. If you are a store, we have distributors throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Please locate your distributor in the "Where to Buy" section of this website. If you are a manufacturer and are looking to ship goods to Asia or other parts of the world, please contact us about shipping direct from our mills to your facility.