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“Painter’s Palette Solids are that perfect mix in what I need in a solid fabric. They have a lovely hand, and aren’t slippery or rough, but are beautifully soft. The colors are rich and varied, and give me an expansive palette from which to choose colors for my pieces.” - Jacquie Gering

Jacquie Gering is one of the fundamental names in the modern quilting movement — she’s a founding member of the Modern Quilt Guild, and has served as both president of the MQG and on the National MQG board of directors. Her work is striking, vibrant, and truly unique. Jacquie will be attending QuiltCon 2019 with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics to showcase the Painter’s Palette Solids line, her favorite solid fabrics for quilting. Paintbrush Studio is a proud sponsor of QuiltCon. JoinPBS Fabrics booth to see her new work, enter our contest, and attend these great workshops!

Click here for more information about the MQG and QuiltCon!

Come to booth #700 to get a free charm pack of eight of our Painter's Palette Solids colors! Then design and sew a quilt block to enter our contest, with an amazing prize of 25 yards of Paintbrush Studio Fabrics!

Send an image of your finished project to our email, hello@pbsfabrics.com, or tag us on social media! 

Contest Rules:

Any combination of the eight fabrics included may be used in the quilt block design, but at least one must be present for an entry to be eligible. It's okay to incorporate prints and fabrics from your stash as well!

Contest ends 03/31/19