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The Birthstone Series by MJ Kinman

Paintbrush Studio Fabrics has partnered with textile artist MJ Kinman to create the Birthstone Series fabric collection. Kinman originally designed the twelve birthstone block using the Painter’s Palette Solids line, so we’ve created convenient bundles of all the colors she recommends so you can bring these dazzling colors to your new projects! These colors can be used with Kinman’s birthstone quilt block patterns, available here, or to create all-new projects in these rich jewel tones.

All twelve birthstone blocks can be incorporated into a single quilt (pictured left) or smaller groupings like wall hangings and table runners customized with your family's birthstones!

Fat quarter bundles curated with all colors for each block are available online! These bundles are the perfect starting point for one of the quilt blocks or a custom project of your own!

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 "I like to tell people I make the biggest diamonds in the world. The adventure started years ago when I discovered an image of a gorgeous gem. With only a basic understanding of quiltmaking, I was unsure how to transform that image into a quilt. I spent the next few years searching for the right techniques and, seven years later, I made my first gem. Now, my work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and national competitions, and has been featured in Quilting Arts Magazine and on Quilting Arts TV. My gems are also included in private and corporate collections, including Maker’s Mark Distillery." -MJ Kinman

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