Sumana Ghosh-Witherspoon


Sumana Ghosh-Witherspoon is a surface designer, graphic designer, art designer, art director, and fine artist. Born in Philly, she spent a large part of her childhood in India. After studying Communication Design at Pratt Institute in New York, she worked in the publishing industry for several years, designing and art directing for magazines like Vanity Fair, American Baby and FV. Although it was exciting, she missed creating art with her hands. She also wanted to spend more time with her two daughters. So she moved to the suburbs, where cars honking have been replaced by crickets chirping. She now finds herself freelancing, creating collages, volunteering for ice cream socials and discovering a passion for patterns. Sumana is always drawing inspiration from her dual upbringing. The colors, textures, and indigenous arts of India continue to fascinate her.