Jessica Nielsen


Jessica Nielsen is a Dutch surface pattern designer with Danish roots. She has a clear love for nature, which can be seen in her work. Her signature style is one of bold and bright designs, all of which are at once minimal, colorful, and brimming with joy. No wonder that Jessica Nielsen patterns are licensed by companies worldwide, from fashion and cosmetics to home textiles.

Jessica’s work challenges you to use your imagination and find your own meaning in her art. You will see organic shapes with a perfect curve, be surprised by the tension between elegance and rawness, and be swept along by the dynamics of different silhouettes. In her atelier in Rotterdam, Jessica brings all these elements together in timeless designs that not so much tell a story as they elicit a primary response. That response is often one of completely falling in love with the simplicity and cleverly stylized nature of this artist’s work.

As they are untied by fleeting trends and clearly inspired by nature, Jessica’s patterns are highly appreciated by many sustainable brands. You will find them applied on durable fashion items, natural cosmetics, packaging, stationery products, posters, and even artworks adorning walls.